Student Power Project Website

Lesson Plan: Conserving Energy Through Grid Modernization
This lesson plan includes directions, activities, and objectives. Students will identify questions to research.

Game: Plan It Green Live
Plan It Green Live gives the students an opportunity to be mayor of their own city. Students will research various technologies and initiatives in the quest to create the greenest city in the world. Students can play alone or with friends.

Article: ISU Smart Grid Project: newspaper article
This article describes ISU’s Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology and Center for Renewable Energy program to develop an interactive town to teach students about Smart Grids and Smart Meters.

Audio + articles: Power Hungry: Reinventing the US Grid
Produced by National Public Radio, these audio recordings include discussions ranging from basic information about smart grids and meters to job opportunities in the power industry.

Article: Electrical Grid
This article discusses the history of the electrical grid, beginning with Thomas Edison in 1881. The article also discusses why electric grids must become smarter.

Article: Shaping Our Future Energy Reality
This article discusses energy use from a global perspective. There are links to related articles, a video on sparking innovation, and infographics.

Website: Smart Grid Information
This website gives an overview of smart grids, with links to videos. The site also includes links to additional information about smart grids, smart grid projects and technology.

Website: Home Savings
This website covers energy tools and devices to help consumers manage their energy use and save money.

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