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Smart Meter:
Brochure: Home Smart Home

Optional Pricing Programs:
Document: Hourly Pricing Program Guide
Document: Hourly Pricing Program Guide (Spanish)
Website: Peak Time Savings Program FAQ

Energy Saver:
Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home (US DOE)

Careers in Energy

The Engineer applies scientific and mathematical principles, experience, and common sense to solve problems and provide efficiency.

The Architect designs buildings and other structures.

The Manager guides a team of employees to meet project goals through planning, support and clear communication.

Additional Resources

Document: Smart Grid (US DOE)
This introduction to smart grids focuses on legislative mandates and the federal smart grid mandates. There are links to more detailed information about the mandates and the Federal Smart Grid Task Force.

Document: What is the Smart Grid
This document (including audio) explains smart grids. Topics include basic smart grid information, smart homes, consumer engagement, and even plug in electric vehicles.

Document: The Smart Grid: An Introduction
This is an in-depth look at smart grids, from local to global perspectives. It also includes information on pollutants, and future technology in the works.

Document: Science Fair Project Ideas Related to Smart Grid and Smart Meters
This document suggests science fair projects related to the smart grid and smart meters. These are provided simply as ideas to stimulate the imagination of the students. All projects related to the topic are welcome.

Brochure: How Do We Measure Up
The brochure covers tools consumers have available to use in conjunction with a smart meter to monitor usage and save money.

Smart Grid has created a numerous variety of employment opportunities. To learn more, please visit

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